Release 1.2.5

It’s taken being splattered by muck and several run over pieces of post to get here but today we’re happy to release 1.2.5..

Some minor new features to the plugin framework allow for some new really cool plugins and some bigfixes:

* NEW: Create timeslider EEJS blocks for plugins
* NEW: Allow for “more messages” to be loaded in chat
* NEW: Introduce better logging
* NEW: API endpoint for “listAllPads”
* Fix: Stop highlight of timeslider when dragging mouse
* Fix: Time Delta on Timeslider make date update properly
* Fix: Prevent empty chat messages from being sent
* Fix: checkPad script
* Fix: IE onLoad listener for i18n

Thanks to everyone (Especially luto) for helping get 1.2.5 out :)

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Release 1.2.4

Grab this one, it’s a good un..

Christmas hit us pretty hard this year and a few grizzly bugs managed to burrow their way deep into our inner cloister.  With that in mind this is a bug fix release and should be adopted ASAP.


* Fix IE console issue created in 1.2.3
* Allow CI Tests to pass by ignoring timeslider test
* Fix broken placeholders in locales
* Fix extractPadData script
* Fix documentation for checkToken
* Fix hitting enter on form in admin/plugins

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Etherelves wish you a merry Xmas and an API new year – Version 1.2.2 release

Yay, another release and yay for Christmas and New year..  1.2.2 features:

  1. More translations and better language support (50+ languages now available)
  2. Control S now does “Save Revision” functionality (Puts a little star in the timeslider)
  3. Native HTTPS support (No need for https on the reverse proxy)
  4. Allow for basic HTML etc. import without abiword (Abiword still required for .doc etc.)
  5. Show color of Author in Chat messages
  6. Bugfix for Internal Caching issue that was causing some 404s on images.
  7. Bugfix for IE Import
  8. Bugfix for Node 0.6 compatibility
  9. Bugfix for multiple cookie support
  10. Bugfix for API when requireAuth is enabled.
  11. Plugin page now shows plugin version #
  12. Allow plugin search by description
  13. Allow for different socket IO transports
  14. Add a checkToken Method to the API
  15. Allow for custom favicon path
  16. Focus on password when required
  17. Frontend Timeslider test

Thanks to everyone involved for providing fixes and new features.


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Say ¡Hola!, Bonjour, Hello to Etherpad 1.2

Language Support

We now provide really easy to implement language support(i18n) thanks to Mozilla and Marcel for doing most of the heavy lifting. We support English, German and French out of the box but adding your own language is super easy so get stuck in!

The repository has moved

We’re all grown up now and that means we need to move our heavily active repositories to an organization (ether) on github. We know there will be some fall out from this so here is how you safely get 1.2.

git remote set-url origin
git pull

New home page

Oooh look ma, Shiney! Being part of being all grown up means we
Thanks to Aaron and Alex now redirects to, this should help is remove some confusion about the project and comfort people that we’re moving things in the right direction.

Our blog has moved to, this is where we will be announcing new features and our popular plugin spotlights.

Software Freedom Conservancy membership

We’re in the final steps of finalizing our SFC membership and we’re extremely pleased with how things are progressing. We have worked with SFC to ensure their agreement template (used by many open source projects) will stand up in European courts aswell as US so hopefully we improved the future open source, even if just a little it means a lot to us.

Edit settings and restart Etherpad Lite in the web UI

Your settings.json file can now be edited through the web UI at /admin/settings and once you have edited your settings.json you can restart your server right from the web UI. No more CLI, -5 man points.

Plugin settings

Ever wanted to deploy a plugin but then had to jump into the source code just to edit one line? Well now you can store plugin settings in settings.json (you can edit this file at /admin/settings).

And even more… We have been busy!


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