Say hello to Etherpad 1.8.7

Etherpad 1.8.7 is a recommended update for these reasons: Various security patches. Various stability patches. Various performance improvements. This release contains roughly 360 commits of mostly tidy up/fixes. We have very few bells and whistle features to announce this time around and for this reason we’re considering this as a patch release. Don’t be under […]

Pad your way! Create your own theme with the new theme variant generator

In 1.8.3 Etherpad introduced a new feature called the “Theme variant generator”. To access it append #skinvariantsbuilder to your Pad URL IE Once you have it styled how you like then copy the Result to settings.json and restart Etherpad. After restart this style will be applied to pads and you don’t need to include […]

Important critical Etherpad release – 1.6.4

TLDR; Site admins should Update ASAP to 1.6.4 due to several security enhancements. Today we released Etherpad 1.6.4. This release fixes several security vulnerabilities in recent versions: One is an arbitrary code execution vulnerability in version 1.6.3. Another is an arbitrary code execution vulnerability which is present in all versions from 1.5.0 on, but only […]

Release 1.5.5

IMPORTANT: Security release, please update your instances! This is another security release, the exploit is documented as CVE-2015-3297 — If a specifically formatted URL is used to access Etherpad a file can be read from the filesystem. This issue has existed in Etherpad since 2012 so pretty much all deployments will be effected. We have […]


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