Post to Etherpad with this simple plugin

Simple single command to post a files data to your Etherpad instance: curl -X POST -d http://youretherpad/post This command will return the URL to a pad containing the contents of the file you selected. To get this functionality: 1. Visit /admin/plugins 2. Install ep_post_data Enjoy! And merry festive period, may all be red and […]

Etherpad Version 1.4.1 Released – Unpremature

Shut up rambling John. Just tell me what’s New and why should I upgrade/care? Performance: * Huge MySQL performance improvements (InnoDB to MyISAM) Hooks: * User Leave * Export File Name * Preprocessor Hook for DOMLine attributes Scripts * Script to reinsert all DB values of a Pad Configuration: * Allow for absolute settings paths […]

Nginx reverse proxy SSL security issue

Until today the example Nginx reverse proxy config for Etherpad allowed for weaker SSL encryption than is acceptable. You can see if your instance is vulnerable by checking your instances SSL cert Check your Nginx config to see if this line exists: ssl_ciphers ALL:!ADH:!EXPORT56:RC4+RSA:+HIGH:+MEDIUM:+LOW:+SSLv2:+EXP; If so replace with: ssl_ciphers “EECDH+ECDSA+AESGCM EECDH+aRSA+AESGCM EECDH+ECDSA+SHA384 EECDH+ECDSA+SHA256 EECDH+aRSA+SHA384 EECDH+aRSA+SHA256 […]


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