Push file changes to your editbar with this nifty plugin!

This nifty plugin will push contents straight from a file to your editbar.

Consider you have HTML that is written from a third party application to a file. When that file is updated your editbar reflects the changes in real time.


In this picture you can see some output from Mumble showing the Server users is reflected in the Pad Editbar.

Super simple yet super useful! What will you use ep_filemon for?

Etherpad 1.5 plugin upgrade

This article is aimed at plugin developers.

When we upgrade Etherpad to 1.5 some(very few) plugins will require minor changes.

Broadcasting to all clients

If your plugin uses socket IO to broadcast a message to each client connected to your Etherpad Instance.

var clients = socketio.sockets.clients();
for(var i = 0; i < clients.length; i++) {   clients[i].json.send({type: "COLLABROOM",     data:{       type: "shoutMessage",       payload:{         message: message       }     }   }); }


var clients = socketio.sockets.adapter.nsp.connected;
  for(var client in clients) {
    clients[client].send({type: "COLLABROOM",
        type: "shoutMessage",
        message: message

Browser type detection

$.browser is no longer available.

We now expose browser.

Simply removing $. should fix this however browser does behave slightly differently so you should change to browser and run your front end tests on all devices you need to support.

Introducing ep_push2delete


Sometimes, when you really care about disk space, or when your pad contents are extremely confidential or private, you might want to simply delete your whole pad, since people could still access your sensible content via the timeslider. And if there’s a need, there’s also a plugin.

ep_push2delete allows you to press one simple button and delete your pad. With all its contents and all its history of changes. Nice and clean. Without a trace.

Grab ep_push2delete from your /admin/plugins page.

Show other authors, markdown editing and export, text alignment and more great new plugins..

Show Other Authors Caret Location

Like how Google Docs shows where other authors are on the document? Well Etherpad also has that functionality and it’s only a few clicks away!

Grab ep_cursortrace from your /admin/plugins page.

Markdown editing and export in Etherpad

Who doesn’t love Markdown? With ep_markdown you can use rich editing buttons and see rich edits and markdown together or toggle between markdown/up visibility. It’s really nice and a useful addition to Etherpad.

Grab ep_markdown from your /admin/plugins page.

Text Alignment

Left, Center, Right and Justify Text in your pad. Great when paired up with ep_page_view for a richer editing experience.

Grab ep_align from your /admin/plugins page.

Stop Writing

Stop Writing is a plugin for teachers and other pad owners to stop collaborators for writing, possibly to partake in a discussion or other announcement.

Grab ep_stop_writing from your /admin/plugins page.

Pad Stats

Pad Stats is a commercial plugin but still really cool.
Get stats such as Character Count, Word Count, Revision Count, Saved Revision count and various Author Statistics.

Plugin Spotlight: Go social with Sharethis

Now it’s even easier to share a pad link with your friends on your favourite social network.

Because we don’t have any allegiance to any social network you will notice there are many available and if you like you can modify the plugin and add your own favourite or register with Sharethis and get the benefits of analytics.

Shortly settings will be available so you can easily add your own publisher code to the existing plugin.