Etherpad Version 1.4.1 Released – Unpremature

Shut up rambling John. Just tell me what’s New and why should I upgrade/care?

* Huge MySQL performance improvements (InnoDB to MyISAM)

* User Leave
* Export File Name
* Preprocessor Hook for DOMLine attributes

* Script to reinsert all DB values of a Pad

* Allow for absolute settings paths

* Get Pad ID from read Only Pad ID

* Exception on Plugin Search and fix for plugins not being fetched
* Font on innerdoc body can be arial on paste
* Fix Dropping of messages in handleMessage
* Don’t use Abiword for HTML exports
* Color issues with user Icon
* Timeslider Button
* Session Deletion error
* Allow browser tabs to be cycled when focus is in editor
* Various Editor issues with Easysync potentially entering forever loop on bad changeset

Shut up John, why no update for so long?
Thanks to you guys supporting my other project I have been crazy busy and that means no time for Etherpad, thankfully other project members have lead the way but things haved moved slower than we’d all like. Etherpad is still a project very close to my heart and I’m making plans to commit more time to move things forward in 2015.

Remember people, cloud hosting where you can’t replicate the system locally is going to cost you long term. Did anyone else just notice Google changed Google Drive/Docs interface yet again, can anyone find any of their documents? I tried.. Gave up.. Hillarious. TAKE CONTROL.

Also props to services such as Own Cloud gaining traction, we love you guys, you give control. Keep on being smashing.

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