Skype and Hangouts alternative

We’re tired of being spied upon and we’re tied of tech companies colluding.

With no sign of an end we think it’s time to take control.

So.. We’re Introducing an Etherpad instance to serve as an alternative to Microsoft Skype and Google Hangouts, we’re using it internally but we’re inviting you to try it out too for your own chats and let us know what you think..

Try out Vetherpad at

Naturally no plugins or extensions are required, just a gool ‘ol modern browser..

Wanna host your own? Just install Etherpad and the webrtc plugin, it takes minutes then you will have your own secure, private video chat and document editing facilities.

Found a bug and wanna fix it? Awesome! We gots the bug trackers.

Looking to see what else Etherpad can do? Check out our beta instance..

Try out Vetherpad at

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  1. Great stuff.

    Is there a way to select which video source is used?

    For me Vetherpad selected a not so common source, while others (competitors) default to the built in webcam. Unfortunately I didn’t find an option to change the source (OSX Mavericks / Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116

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