Say hello to Etherpad 1.8.7

Etherpad 1.8.7 is a recommended update for these reasons:

  • Various security patches.
  • Various stability patches.
  • Various performance improvements.

This release contains roughly 360 commits of mostly tidy up/fixes. We have very few bells and whistle features to announce this time around and for this reason we’re considering this as a patch release. Don’t be under the impression this is a small release with a small amount of effort, our team of elves have worked tirelessly to get this release out and we’re excited for the possibilities having a more stable code-base gives us to create new features to power Santa’s sleigh on his way to your chimney.

1.8.7 is the Etherpad you love, with greater security and reliability than any other release.

Download Etherpad 1.8.7

For more information see the change log.

Thanks for the love!

Not familiar with Etherpad? Etherpad is an online editor that focuses on putting people first and making the collaboration experience as much fun as possible.

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