Etherpad chat at Scale 11x

Anyone thinking of heading to Scale X can enjoy an informal chat about Etherpad hosted by the always tenacious Mark H.

The chat/BoF is on Saturday at 21:00 and you can also enjoy a MediaWiki BoF at 19:00.

The Eleventh Annual Southern California Linux Expo
February 22-24, 2013
Hilton Los Angeles International Airport

Details at Scale 11x

Etherpad North America Meet up

We’re proud to announce our first North American Etherpad event.

Date and time:
Afternoon of March the 12th, 2013

Mozilla Inc
2 Harrison San Francisco, CA 94105

Who should attend:
Etherpad hackers
Anyone interested in being involved with the Etherpad project
Anyone who has integrated Etherpad into their app/software.

Event format:
Informal with a few break out sessions.

Primary Technology <-- confirmed The Etherpad Foundation <-- confirmed The Minerva Project <-- confirmed Mozilla <-- confirmed Yammer Wikimedia Foundation Automattic <-- confirmed We only have a few spots left so if you wish to attend please put your name and email down on this pad

9 awesome Etherpad Plugins


The headings plugin allows you to set larger headings on a pad which makes it possible to have different font sizes.

Page View

The Page view plugin allows a page view style UI for Etherpad

Social Links

This plugin adds social network links to your share popup


This plugin embeds a drawing / sketching panel for sharing doodles and illustrations

Admin Pads

Easily see and search through the pads on your installation

Historical Search

Search through an entire documents history to realize when a word was added/removed.

Diff view

See the line by line difference between two revisions of a document

Offline Pad Access

Still be able to access your pads if you are disconnected from the internet

Public view and List Pads

Public view allows for pads to be indexed by search engines and access without the additional overhead of the editor.

Etherpad Roadmap 2013

It’s that time of year again, 2012 was amazing and the EtherTeam hit a lot of our roadmap targets but what’s in store for 2013?

Team Pad Support

A simple, easy to use and maintain team backend for managing pads and users. This wont be on by default but will be accessible with a setting.

Back-end testing framework

So developers can ensure our APIs is stable.

Simplify Authentication

Some developers get confused with our current session documentation so we’re planning to resolve this.

Our focus on core

As most new features are now being developed as plugins we wont be throwing many new shiney features into core as we will be focusing mostly on tighter integration with current existing CMS’ and Editor polishing. Focusing our efforts on core will make your Etherpad experience solid, faster & more reliable.

We’re really happy with the number of plugins already available for Etherpad and it’s clear that we will need to constantly keep adding more API endpoints to cater for your development needs.

Release 1.2.7 — Security patch included

This is one you are going to want to upgrade to as it fixes an issue where your server can be easily crashed by a malformed message.

NEW: Notifications are now modularized and can be stacked
NEW: Visit a specific revision in the timeslider by suffixing #%revNumber% IE http://localhost/p/test/timeslider#12
NEW: Link to plugin on Admin page allows admins to easily see plugin details in a new window by clicking on the plugin name
NEW: Automatically see plugins that require update and be able to one click update
NEW: API endpoints for Chat .. getChatHistory, getChatHead
NEW: API endpoint to see a pad diff in HTML format from revision x to revision y .. createPadDiffHTML
NEW: Real time plugin search & unified menu UI for admin pages
Fix: MAJOR issue where server could be crashed by malformed client message
Fix: AuthorID is now included in padUsers API response
Fix: make docs
Fix: Timeslider UI bug with slider not being in position
Fix: IE8 language issue where it wouldn’t load pads due to IE8 suckling on the bussum of hatrid
Fix: Import timeout issue
Fix: Import now works if Params are set in pad URL
Fix: Convert script
Other: Various new language strings and update/bugfixes of others
Other: Clean up the getParams functionality
Other: Various new EEJS blocks: index, timeslider, html etc.

So you’re still running the old Etherpad?

Are you insane? We have witnessed a number of sites still running the old Etherpad and we’re really sad to think we haven’t promoted migrating enough.

Security and vulnerabilities

The old Etherpad is incredibly vulnerable not only to XSS but also some client spoofing functionality can allow users to write bad data to your database which will crash pads. We patched all of these issues in Etherpad Lite.


Etherpad Lite comes with load testing simulators that allow you to simulate an expected load on your site to ensure that your service will remain stable. Etherpad Lite can easily outperform Etherpad Legacy due to it’s flexible architecture.

Team Pads

Various sites now offer team pad service from Etherpad Lite (See PrimaryPad) etc and various plugins now exists for providing pad management functionality through the admin back-end. Classes exist for all major programming languages and the API is well documented and extensive enough to integrate with any environment so with this in mind we would strongly encourage you to integrate Etherpad Lite into your current CMS or web service instead of trying to provide Etherpad as a separate entity.

Plugins and extended functionality

Etherpad Lite provides an entire plugin framework with over 50 plugins that allow you to easily customize the functionality and style of your deployment. Over the last 2 years we have been working hard to extend core feature functionality too polishing the UI and UX to work great on mobile devices and reducing the system requirements for deployment.


We introduced Continuous integration testing in 2012 and this has meant that we have been able to push out relatively bug free major versions. Our Frontend testing framework really makes it easy for developers to write tests and to ensure their contributions don’t break other functionality.

It’s free to upgrade

Obviously because Etherpad Lite is FREE and OPEN SOURCE so there is no cost in upgrading. ?Migration scripts also exist to make your job as pain free as possible.

But I’m scared and don’t want to invest the time..

Well you either invest your time or you ask one of our consultants to help with your deployment. We know we got the name wrong when it came to Etherpad Lite, a lot of people assumed it had less features or functionality but that’s not the case. The Lite part of Etherpad Lite actually means it’s lighter on your resources and more nimble for your users. Honestly we didn’t think we’d have such a hard time trying to get big sites to invest a little bit of time on improving their users experience.


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