1+2 =12 — release of v1.2.12

Hello dear etherfolks,

turns out we haven’t kept our promise: Contrary to previous statements this is not v1.3, as you may have noticed. Development velocity has seen a slight drop in the past moths, as people have been busy with other stuff.

Still you shouldn’t be sad, because waiting to be pulled as part of v1.2.12 are a bunch of brightly-shining fixes (including a rock-solid security patch for an intimidating security hole!) plus a few new fluffy features. This release should make your life a whole lot easier:

* NEW: Add explanations for more disconnect scenarios
* NEW: export sessioninfos so plugins can access it
* NEW: pass pad in postAceInit hook
* NEW: Add trustProxy setting (use X-forwarded-for as remoteAddress)
* NEW: userLeave hook
* NEW: Plural macro for translations
* NEW: backlinks to main page in Admin pages
* NEW: New translations from translatewiki.net
* SECURITY FIX: Filter author data sent to clients
* FIX: Never keep processing a changeset if it’s corrupted
* FIX: Some client-side performance fixes for webkit browsers
* FIX: Only execute listAllPads query on demand (not on start-up)
* FIX: various issues with HTML import
* FIX: check if uploaded file only contains ascii chars when abiword disabled
* FIX: Plugin search in /admin/plugins
* FIX: Don’t create new pad if a non-existant read-only pad is accessed
* FIX: Drop messages from unknown connections
* FIX: API: fix createGroupFor endpoint, if mapped group is deleted
* FIX: Import form for other locales
* FIX: Don’t stop processing changeset queue if there is an error
* FIX: Caret movement. Chrome detects blank rows line heights as incorrect
* FIX: allow colons in password
* FIX: Polish logging of client-side errors on the server
* FIX: Username url param
* FIX: Make start script POSIX compatible

As always, if you like etherpad why not pitch in and help push etherpad to the next level! We have ambitious plans!

Git pull today, and happy collaborating!

Important security update

TLDR; PadId was being broadcast to Read Only Clients.

Vileda discovered an issue where in certain conditions the pad ID of a user was being broadcast to users on a Rad Only Pad.

We fixed the issue within minutes of hearing about it (24 minutes to be precise).

You will need to checkout develop to get this security patch, we will be doing a major release soon-ish.

We will release specific details in a few weeks once everyone has patched up.

git checkout develop
git pull
/etc/init.d/etherpad-lite restart

Should be all you need for now.

New release: 1.2.10 Infradoom

Infradoom is a patch release to support broken session logic caused by an express update. Infradoom also has various other nice bits, bug fixes and patches.

From the changelog:
NEW: Broadcast slider is exposed in timeslider so plugins can interact with it
Fix: IE issue where pads wouldn’t load due to missing console from i18n
Fix: console issue in collab client would error on cross domain embeds in IE
Fix: Only Restart Etherpad once plugin is installed
Fix: Only redraw lines that exist after drag and drop
Fix: Pasting into ordered list
Fix: Import browser detection
Fix: 2 Part Locale Specs
Fix: Remove language string from chat element
Fix: Make Saved revision Star fade back out on non Top frames
Other: Remove some cruft legacy JS from old Etherpad
Other: Express 3.1.2 breaks sessions, set Express to 3.1.0

Release 1.2.91 – Moody Blues

Mostly a bugfix release but we also introduce some new support and features, from the changelog.

We’re starting to gear up for 1.3 now and we have introduced a voting system for features.

* NEW: Authors can now send custom object messages to other Authors making 3 way conversations possible. This introduces WebRTC plugin support. (see ep_video_chat)
* NEW: Hook for Chat Messages Allows for Desktop Notification support (see ep_desktop_notifications)
* NEW: Ctrl S for save revision makes the Icon glow for a few sconds.
* NEW: Various hooks and expose the document ACE object
* NEW: Plugin page revamp makes finding and installing plugins more sane.
* NEW: Icon to enable sticky chat from the Chat box
* Fix: Cookies inside of plugins
* Fix: Don’t leak event emitters when accessing admin/plugins
* Fix: Don’t allow user to send messages after they have been “kicked” from a pad
* Fix: Refactor Caret navigation with Arrow and Pageup/down keys stops cursor being lost
* Fix: Long lines in Firefox now wrap properly
* Fix: Session Disconnect limit is increased from 10 to 20 to support slower restarts
* Fix: Support Node 0.10
* Fix: Log HTTP on DEBUG log level
* Fix: Server wont crash on import fails on 0 file import.
* Fix: Import no longer fails consistantly
* Fix: Language support for non existing languages
* Fix: Mobile support for chat notifications are now usable
* Fix: Re-Enable Editbar buttons on reconnect
* Fix: Clearing authorship colors no longer disconnects all clients
* Other: New debug information for sessions

Some feature you want hasn’t been made yet? Get voting!

Releasing 1.2.9

Hey there,

we have recently received the results of a security audit performed by Mozilla and have since sought to close the biggest gaping loopholes.
The result of this effort is version 1.2.9 of Etherpad lite, which is probably the most secure version released so far. I’d also like to thank Sebastian Nerz for reporting a massive security issue last week.

Sadly, the latest patches have apparently caused some issues themselves that affect user experience and import functionality, so there’s still some work for us to do.Still, this shouldn’t hold you back from updating! For a complete list of changes see the changelog

Grab the latest version either via a simple `git pull` or via etherpad.org

happy padding!

Release: 1.2.8 Magic Dust Twinkle Twinkle

Today we’re proud to announce version 1.2.8 of the worlds favorite collaborative text editor.

TLDR; !IMPORTANT! Site admins have a minor action with this release.. Adding


to your settings.json will allow clients to automatically reconnect to Etherpad. Replace SOMETHING SECRET HERE with y’know, something secret.

What’s new?

  1. Begin implementing functionality required for scaling
  2. Allow plugins to provide frontend tests
  3. Improved logging
  4. Allow clients to reconnect to pads.
  5. Admin mobile UI
  6. New API endpoint (Get current API version)
  7. 15 fixes, 5 others.

Grab the latest Etherpad now

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