Release 1.2.91 – Moody Blues

Mostly a bugfix release but we also introduce some new support and features, from the changelog.

We’re starting to gear up for 1.3 now and we have introduced a voting system for features.

* NEW: Authors can now send custom object messages to other Authors making 3 way conversations possible. This introduces WebRTC plugin support. (see ep_video_chat)
* NEW: Hook for Chat Messages Allows for Desktop Notification support (see ep_desktop_notifications)
* NEW: Ctrl S for save revision makes the Icon glow for a few sconds.
* NEW: Various hooks and expose the document ACE object
* NEW: Plugin page revamp makes finding and installing plugins more sane.
* NEW: Icon to enable sticky chat from the Chat box
* Fix: Cookies inside of plugins
* Fix: Don’t leak event emitters when accessing admin/plugins
* Fix: Don’t allow user to send messages after they have been “kicked” from a pad
* Fix: Refactor Caret navigation with Arrow and Pageup/down keys stops cursor being lost
* Fix: Long lines in Firefox now wrap properly
* Fix: Session Disconnect limit is increased from 10 to 20 to support slower restarts
* Fix: Support Node 0.10
* Fix: Log HTTP on DEBUG log level
* Fix: Server wont crash on import fails on 0 file import.
* Fix: Import no longer fails consistantly
* Fix: Language support for non existing languages
* Fix: Mobile support for chat notifications are now usable
* Fix: Re-Enable Editbar buttons on reconnect
* Fix: Clearing authorship colors no longer disconnects all clients
* Other: New debug information for sessions

Some feature you want hasn’t been made yet? Get voting!

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