Say Hello to Etherpad Lite V1.1.1

Oh you haven’t heard about us already Etherpad Lite is a collaborative editor, sort of like a web-based multiplayer Notepad but with some really amazing features and a really developer friendly community and framework. Etherpad Lite is completely open-source and comes with no douchery what so ever attached.. If you scroll to the bottom of …

Etherpad Lite at the Ubuntu Developers Summit

At the Etherpad foundation we’re naturally big fans of Linux.  I’m not sure if fan is the right word actually..  Linux is at the core of everything we do so we’re beyond fans, we’re actively contributing to try to make software better and we tend to start on Linux then support other operating systems secondly. …

Etherpad Lite V1 to Etherpad V1.1 Upgrade Path

git pull Open settings.json -> Copy your database settings into your clipboard Copy settings.json.template over settings.json If you use dirty.db change the path from “../var/dirty.db” to “var/dirty.db” Paste your database settings into settings.json Make sure the paths in /etc/init.d/etherpad-lite are correct if you use it. Start Etherpad Lite. (Using whatever technique you want, usually /etc/init.d/etherpad-lite start)

NEW RELEASE: Etherpad Lite v1.1

Major Features: Rich Text editing IE Headings A Plugin Framework for developing, enabling and disabling plugins Video conferencing Read only real time updates Syntax highlighting It’s been a real busy road getting to this point but we’re finally happy with the current status. Big thanks goes to Chad, Egil, Matthias, Robin and a huge thanks …

Plugin spotlight: Video conferencing with Tokbox

Want to share video with your friends whilst working on a Pad? Now it’s easy, just enable this plugin and it will automatically bring video conferencing into your Pad. How to install this plugin Visit and login with your username/password then search for the plugin “tokbox”. Plugin Author: John McLear Plugin on npm


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