Etherpad Lite at the Ubuntu Developers Summit

At the Etherpad foundation we’re naturally big fans of Linux.  I’m not sure if fan is the right word actually..  Linux is at the core of everything we do so we’re beyond fans, we’re actively contributing to try to make software better and we tend to start on Linux then support other operating systems secondly.  One of our favorite Linux distro’s is Ubuntu so it makes us really proud to see Etherpad Lite being discussed at the Ubuntu Developer Summit!

This is the second time Ubuntu have actively supported Etherpad and we’re hoping we can further our relationship.  Thanks Ubuntu developers and keep up the great work :)

One thought

  1. It is great to see when you work is acknowledged by others. What is even cooler is when great speakers like those from Linux talks about your products. What a feeling. I get satisfaction when I hear out of nowhere from people whom I never met before that they are satisfied with the reporting software which I helped at its developing. It’s a great feeling.

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