Plugin Spotlight: Speech to Pad

You can now talk straight into a pad on Etherpad Lite. This functionality is supported in Chrome only at current however more browsers are expected to support this soon. Thanks to Edy-b for the development work :)

Plugin Name: ep_speechinput
Plugin Author: Eduard Baun (Edy-B)
Plugin Url:

One thought

  1. Krish says:

    Hello Baun,

    I have downloaded & installed windows version of etherpad lite in Win 2008 server. Then I downloaded the ep_speechinput plug-in and installed using NPM tool.

    After that I restarted the server and created a new pad. I don’t see Mic button in the tool bar.

    I verified the files. Your code is referring eejs code files. But in windows etherpad version, i didn’t eejs folder.

    Could you please guide me on which etherpad lite windows version, this speech input plug-in works? I will install that version and test speech input plug-in.


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