2012 means a public sites update

We just updated the public sites available on Etherpad.org.  We removed a lot of old sites and replaced with some great new ones.  If your site has been removed then feel free to ask why in the comments and we will try our best to work with you to ensure your site meets our public site requirements.

Welcome to 2012 everyone, it’s going to be a Heck of a year for the Etherpad foundation so stay tuned in for a plethora of exciting announcements!

Etherpad International Hackathon 2012

We are organizing a hackathon for February 24th, 25th, and 26th. The European meet will be held in Bradford, UK, with hosting care of Primary Technology and the Etherpad Foundation. Still looking for people who can host corresponding meetings in the US or elsewhere — please get in touch via the mailing list if you’re interested in hosting/sponsoring an additional meetup at another location. Issues to tackle include documentation, a possible Etherpad Lite 1.1 release, work on real-time services and integration with other platforms, and YOUR IDEA.

If you’re interested in joining, tuning in remotely, or starting your own meet-up site, please add your details to this pad!

.Net Library For Etherpad Lite API

Today we’re excited to announce a .Net library for the Etherpad Lite API

  • It implements the Etherpad Lite API, more infomation on the API can be found on the Etherpad Lite wiki.
  • It matches the API in structure as closely as it can.
  • It parses the returned JSON into strongly typed objects to allow the use of intellisense and reduce the use of magic strings.
  • The library is written in C# and uses .Net Framework 4.

More details and download here


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