.Net Library For Etherpad Lite API

Today we’re excited to announce a .Net library for the Etherpad Lite API

  • It implements the Etherpad Lite API, more infomation on the API can be found on the Etherpad Lite wiki.
  • It matches the API in structure as closely as it can.
  • It parses the returned JSON into strongly typed objects to allow the use of intellisense and reduce the use of magic strings.
  • The library is written in C# and uses .Net Framework 4.

More details and download here

MAJOR RELEASE: Etherpad Lite v1


Etherpad Lite’s goal is to make it easy to integrate real time editing into your website or publishing platform. This major release is a complete rewrite of Etherpad, it is a culmination of roughly 2 years work funded mostly by Primary Technology and supported by the Etherpad Foundation.


Etherpad is currently being used in Libya, Egypt and various other places of conflict to rewrite constitutions and policies. Etherpad Lite’s “portableness” and simplicity to deploy make it a perfect choice for these types of environments where it is not an option to rely on third party services to ensure internet connectivity/data privacy/protection.

Every day we are seeing new creative ways the community is using Etherpad Lite. Because the community is such a huge part of Etherpad Lite we have released all of the code open source so developers can be sure they are maintaining privacy, security and data ownership.

Introduction Video

Key points

  • Dramatic hardware resource savings over original Etherpad
  • Windows, Mac and *nix deployment options
  • Beautified interface
  • Fully documented API
  • Better parameter support
  • Infinite colour options
  • Super simple to embed into your own website/CMS with jQuery and PHP examples

Screen shots

[nggallery id=1]


Etherpad Lite Project on Github, source code, wiki, bug tracker etc.
Etherpad Lite jQuery plugin on Github
Etherpad Lite PHP Class on Github

Installing Etherpad Lite on Windows

Installing Etherpad Lite on Debian

Sandbox environment for testing and experimenting

We have a Sandbox deployment available for API testing and general playing around here. The API key is EtherpadFTW

Example Pad

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