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Accessibility Screen shot

Today we’re proud to announce that Etherpad is now accessibility enabled.


  • Screen readers are fully supported
  • Keyboard shortcuts are now available for the pad and timeslider pages
  • Various new fonts available in core (only changes viewers experience)
  • High contrast user experience now available (see ep_themes plugin)
  • Control Shift 2 shows author information pop-up for currently selected line
  • Quick links

  • Accessibility and keyboard shortcut documentation
  • The pull request with a plethora of comments and thoughts
  • A testing environment to play around with
  • Special thanks to

    Our sponsor: TBA
    pvagner for all his input and testing..
    W3 for their work on ARIA

    Some quick win shortcuts you should know about

    Alt F9 brings up the context menu, Alt F9 and Escape returns focus back to the pad.
    Alt C brings up chat
    Arrow keys navigate most things

    I spotted something that’s wrong or I think it can be made better, how can I tell you?

    Either create an issue on github and/or use our idea informer which doesn’t require any sign up or registration to post :)

    When will see accessibility land in a major release?

    We’re hours away from starting our 2015 hackathon which should bare the fruits of a major release so hopefully a major release will land within 48 hours of this blog post however if you are itching to get your mitts on Accessibility features simply checkout the Etherpad develop branch.

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