Etherpad v1.5.1 – “We’d rather die standing than live on our knees” edition

What’s new TLDR; Mostly bugfixes, one security/privacy fix. One UI feature (Chat and Users always on screen) NEW: High resolution Icon NEW: Use HTTPS for plugins.json download NEW: Add ‘last update’ column NEW: Show users and chat at the same time (try it) NEW: Support io.js Fix: removeAttributeOnLine now works properly Fix: Plugin search and […]

Push file changes to your editbar with this nifty plugin!

This nifty plugin will push contents straight from a file to your editbar. Consider you have HTML that is written from a third party application to a file. When that file is updated your editbar reflects the changes in real time. In this picture you can see some output from Mumble showing the Server users […]


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