Target a line number, IRC in the editor and Table of Contents

Scroll to a specific line number

Ever wanted to share an exist location in a pad with a user? Well now it’s easy, just append ?lineNumber=10 (for example) on the end of your pad URL and you can share the line :)

Grab the plugin ep_scrollto


Replace the Etherpad Chat with IRC

Grab the plugin ep_irc

Table of contents

Automatically create a table of contents for your pad.

Grab the plugin ep_table_of_contents

A call for a security expert

Can you help us put together a team to deal with Etherpad Security policies and disclosure.

The teams scope will be to:

1. Create a Vulnerability disclosure policy.
2. Engage with security researchers and the wider community to discover security issues.
3. Encourage site admins to be aware of and patch security issues before disclosure.
4. Relay security issues to the developer team and promote action whilst maintaining discreetness.
5. Work with the testing team to write test specs to check for vulnerabilities.

If you are interested in getting involved drop us an email at

Original Vulnerability Disclosure and Discovery post

Releasing 1.2.9

Hey there,

we have recently received the results of a security audit performed by Mozilla and have since sought to close the biggest gaping loopholes.
The result of this effort is version 1.2.9 of Etherpad lite, which is probably the most secure version released so far. I’d also like to thank Sebastian Nerz for reporting a massive security issue last week.

Sadly, the latest patches have apparently caused some issues themselves that affect user experience and import functionality, so there’s still some work for us to do.Still, this shouldn’t hold you back from updating! For a complete list of changes see the changelog

Grab the latest version either via a simple `git pull` or via

happy padding!

Release: 1.2.8 Magic Dust Twinkle Twinkle

Today we’re proud to announce version 1.2.8 of the worlds favorite collaborative text editor.

TLDR; !IMPORTANT! Site admins have a minor action with this release.. Adding


to your settings.json will allow clients to automatically reconnect to Etherpad. Replace SOMETHING SECRET HERE with y’know, something secret.

What’s new?

  1. Begin implementing functionality required for scaling
  2. Allow plugins to provide frontend tests
  3. Improved logging
  4. Allow clients to reconnect to pads.
  5. Admin mobile UI
  6. New API endpoint (Get current API version)
  7. 15 fixes, 5 others.

Grab the latest Etherpad now

Also check out this cool plugin