Etherpad Hackathon 2012 update

So we’re half way through our hackathon and we have some updates..

We have decided to drop the Etherpad Legacy nameand allow Etherpad Lite adopt the name of Etherpad, we are still working on getting the same features into Lite that were in Legacy so until then this is just an agreement.
The plugin framework is now in very early alpha and developer docs are due today.
A number of bugs have been squashed
We have decided on a prefix for the plugin structure ep_
A number of plugins have been written and will be available to review soon
We now have some example users that we are using for internal discussions.

We’re looking for a nodejs community liaison master, can you help?
We’re looking for a bugmaster, can you help?
We’re looking for someone to lead our continuous testing efforts, can you help?
We’re looking for someone with bugzilla experience and resources, can you help?

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  1. Please for god sakes do not put the core of this project into nodejs. This needs to be in a real server language, like Java…… -_-

  2. @Guest,

    You do realize that the core of Etherpad legacy was written in Javascript, right? It ran in a one-off Platform-as-a-Service server-side Javascript environment called AppJet?

    The etherpad application has *always* been Javascript. The Java/Scala parts are what is being replaced by NodeJS, which itself in a real server language… like C++.

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