Rewriting Server Name in Nginx

Nginx by Default with Etherpad will display the Nginx Server name value and not forward the Etherpad Server name value. This is a problem as it means your Etherpad version is not available in the Headers which makes debug more difficult among other things.

To solve this add the below your Nginx config and you are done :)

proxy_pass_header Server;

Check by restarting Etherpad and checking your headers.

Academic writing requirements

Here’s some plugins you can use to enable Etherpad to be useful for academic writing. All founds on the Etherpad plugin page with minimal effort.

Rights Mgmt: Etherpad Admin Pads
Privacy: Take your pick from the plugin page.
Footnotes: Use ep_foot_note plugin
Tables: Use the Etherpad Tables plugin
Images: Use the Etherpad images plugin
Formulas: Use the Etherpad Mathjax plugin
Comments: Use the Etherpad Comments plugin
References: Use the Etherpad Reference plugin
Import/Export: Extend import/export support with various options from The plugin page
Offline Support: Use the Offline Edit plugin
Usability: Extend usability with various options from the plugin page

Update your Etherpad

Periodically we sweep through sites that run Etherpad and check for any instances that are out of date.. This time we were alarmed by the number of out of date instances that contain security issues..

Please update your instances.. This is the list of URLS of out of date instances that contain security issues.



· (pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)





· (Tor hidden service, pads removed after 30 days of inactivity)




· (Demo and FAQ:








· (Email-Notification,SSL coming next, running in Austria)


Etherpad CLI Client

Interact with Pad contents in real time from within Node and from your CLI.

Screenshot from 2015 03 02 130314 Etherpad CLI Client
The CLI can be used to catch edit events from Etherpad. Changes are sent as Changesets so there is no performance drop or additional bandwidth required. We use the fastest possible method to reflected changes of a pad.

The CLI Client can also be used to append content to a pad.

5 seconds getting started…

sudo npm install -g etherpad-cli-client

See what else the Etherpad CLI Client can do!

The CLI Client was developed as part of our new load testing tool that we hope to release within the coming weeks. Development was funded by UCI & Primary Technology Ltd.

Etherpad v1.5.1 – “We’d rather die standing than live on our knees” edition

What’s new TLDR;

Mostly bugfixes, one security/privacy fix. One UI feature (Chat and Users always on screen)

Screenshot from 2015 01 24 181411 Etherpad v1.5.1   Wed rather die standing than live on our knees edition

NEW: High resolution Icon
NEW: Use HTTPS for plugins.json download
NEW: Add ‘last update’ column
NEW: Show users and chat at the same time (try it)
NEW: Support io.js
Fix: removeAttributeOnLine now works properly
Fix: Plugin search and list
Fix: Issue where unauthed request could cause error
Fix: Privacy issue with .etherpad export
Fix: Freeze deps to improve bisectability
Fix: IE, everything. IE is so broken.
Fix: Timeslider proxy
Fix: All backend tests pass
Fix: Timeslider stars
Fix: Translation update
Fix: Check filesystem if Abiword exists
Fix: Docs formatting
Fix: Move Save Revision notification to a gritter message
Fix: UeberDB MySQL Timeout issue
Fix: Indented +9 list items
Fix: Don’t paste on middle click of
SECURITY Fix: Issue where a malformed URL could cause EP to disclose installation location

Push file changes to your editbar with this nifty plugin!

This nifty plugin will push contents straight from a file to your editbar.

Consider you have HTML that is written from a third party application to a file. When that file is updated your editbar reflects the changes in real time.

687474703a2f2f692e696d6775722e636f6d2f4358516b6b59612e706e67 Push file changes to your editbar with this nifty plugin!

In this picture you can see some output from Mumble showing the Server users is reflected in the Pad Editbar.

Super simple yet super useful! What will you use ep_filemon for?

Etherpad 1.5 – Turkey Slayer Edition

Usually on releases the first thing we do is tell you what’s new and why you should upgrade. If you are looking for this, scroll down.

This release is different. What makes Etherpad such a great project is the number of contributors that can maintain the software. This means that should one maintainer be unable to maintain Etherpad others can step in. So the first thing we want to do on this release is hat tip the contributors between 1.4.1 and 1.5. Now you know who to hire for your next Etherpad project!

Etherpad is mostly a British-German alliance. The majority of our funding comes through US organizations and Primary Technology. We’d like to see more funding arrive through donations and sponsorship. These donations have less strings attached so will keep us more independent and neutral. If you can help, please visit the donation section on

@webzwo0i, @marcelklehr, @Gared, @simong, @BjarniRunar, @luto, @l-y-n-x, @beaugunderson, @cristo-rabani, @prtksxna, @0ip, TranslateWiki team
And finally Myself: @JohnMcLear

TLDR; What’s new and why should I care?
> Full Etherpad Pad Export and Import
> Bug fixes, tests, UI/UX polishing & updates of dependencies
> Speed improvements to all pages. Page load times improved by ~30%.
> Support for instance Sharding (Scaling Etherpad to multiple servers)
> Better documentation & more language support.

Nice things for users:
> Control 5 now does Strikethrough.
> Better experience at higher DPI screens (use of icons instead of fonts)
> 30% Faster page load
> Full Pad Portability (Export/Import)

While this release is mostly a bugfix & performance release we have updated about 20% of the overall Etherpad code since 1.4.1 so we have given it a major release number.

Our release schedule is heating up as we get more and more commercial support ergo more active development.

Some cool things Etherpad can do that it couldn’t before
> curl HTTP POST files right to your Etherpad Instance
> Export other HTTP block elements (Such as subscript/superscript)
> Talk to your pad
> Switch between pads without reloading the editor

Demo Etherpad

Demo Pad, have a play!

Etherpad 1.5 plugin upgrade

This article is aimed at plugin developers.

When we upgrade Etherpad to 1.5 some(very few) plugins will require minor changes.

Broadcasting to all clients

If your plugin uses socket IO to broadcast a message to each client connected to your Etherpad Instance.

var clients = socketio.sockets.clients();
for(var i = 0; i < clients.length; i++) {
  clients[i].json.send({type: "COLLABROOM",
      type: "shoutMessage",
        message: message


var clients = socketio.sockets.adapter.nsp.connected;
  for(var client in clients) {
    clients[client].send({type: "COLLABROOM",
        type: "shoutMessage",
        message: message

Browser type detection

$.browser is no longer available.

We now expose browser.

Simply removing $. should fix this however browser does behave slightly differently so you should change to browser and run your front end tests on all devices you need to support.