German police raid Etherpad deployment

German police have confiscated the popular Etherpad deployment at Piratenpad.  The Etherpad deployment was being used for structured debates around the protests in Spain so this is a major cause for concern from a libertarian perspective.  We believe the polices main reason for the raid is because PiratenPad was being used by the group “anonymous” […]

DNS Issues

Update: We have moved to a new DNS provider and also migrated to a new hosting provider, which means that it will hopefully be more stable in the future. We are currently moving DNS from an old (unreliable) provider to a shiny new one that is super reliable. and our email is currently […]


Collaborate on documents in really real-time Etherpad is a hosted web service that allows really real-time document collaboration for groups of users.   Etherpad is open source; you can host your own Etherpad by downloading the source code or try Etherpad for free on one of the Public Sites.   The Etherpad Foundation is a […]


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