Pad your way! Create your own theme with the new theme variant generator

In 1.8.3 Etherpad introduced a new feature called the “Theme variant generator”. To access it append #skinvariantsbuilder to your Pad URL IE

Once you have it styled how you like then copy the Result to settings.json and restart Etherpad. After restart this style will be applied to pads and you don’t need to include the #skinvariantsbuilder.

Say hello to Etherpad 1.8.3

This release is huge, probably our biggest in 5 years. If you used to use Etherpad back in the day but it’s fallen off your radar then this might be the release that brings you back. If not, that’s cool, thanks for the love anyway :)

This release includes 5 Critical Security Vulnerability resolutions which in itself is enough of a reason to update.

1.8.3 also includes our new modern interface by default. We’re really chuffed with it!

The usual bug-fixes and optimizations are in but this release can basically be summarized as “Modern at the front, secure(r) at the back”. Unlike yo momma…

Anyway, enough waffle.