Say hello to Etherpad 1.4

Today we’re proud to announce Etherpad 1.4. Let’s be honest here, there are no killer features in this release however this release does contain LOTS of bug-fixes and security patches. All of the killer features exist as Plugins, once you upgrade Etherpad we suggest you check out the available plugins because some really great ones exist.

Why should I upgrade?

  • Various server and client stability patches
  • Various security patches
  • Various new hooks and methods (to support the plugins we talked about earlier)
  • Internal stats and metrics
  • Improved Docs
  • Moar

Anything special worth noting?

The introduction of a more modular toolbar means you might want to upgrade your settings.json, adding the new toolbar objects. To do this simply copy the toolbar objects from the settings.json.template, this is optional though and not required.

Why so long?

We have been crazy busy. We have hundreds of organizations that now run Etherpad and our team has mostly been focusing on integrating with their platforms and resolving their issues. Thankfully those companies have allowed us to commit back to the open source project both to core and as plugins, also John got busy with a new startup.

How do I upgrade

git pull && /etc/init.d/etherpad restart

Show me the money!

Grab Etherpad 1.4 now

SSL on

We just implemented SSL / HTTPS by default for all connections to

Thanks to GlobalSign for the free cert.

Thanks to Nginx for making it easy to implement.

Thanks to Jesus for staying holy.

Enjoy and remember is a play-ground, don’t use it for any real science.

1.4 is due soon, feel free to help us push it out, it’s crowning.

Etherpad 1.4 — RC1 available for testing

You can now test the first release candidate of the upcoming 1.4 release!

The most apparent change should be stability. We have tried to take care of lots of bugs that caused frequent crashes and corrupt pads in the past. Still, a few new features have made it in, such as support for recording metrics. Other new features are mostly under the hood to make the lives of admins and plugin developers easier. For details refer to the preliminary list of changes.

If you want to test this release, fetch the latest changes from github and checkout tag “1.4.0-rc1”. A list of things that need testing is available on the following pad. Please report your findings on github (or drop us a note on the pad). Also, if you have successfully tested an item on the list, please add a note there, too.

Things to test:

Thank you, everyone!